The Matchbox Diary

‘’The Matchbox Diary’’ written by Paul Fleishmann. This story is about a grandfather explaining his whole though life story to his granddaughter. He couldn’t read or write, so he talks about how he made his diary out of matchboxes. Every day he would put an object in a different matchbox, which gives its title, ‘’The Matchbox Diary’’

This story connects to many different stories, one in particular, ‘’This is The Rope’’ These two stories have one huge thing in common! They both share a very important symbol that’s been passed on many generations in their family! The matchboxes and the rope. These two objects will bring you back memories every time you set your eye on them.

‘’This is The Rope’’ is about a little girl who finds a rope under a tree, yet does she know, it has been passed down three generations in her family! The rope has been used for everything in her family and this is their most prized possession. This poor family used a rope to do everything from a skipping rope to a rope to dry the sweet-smelling flowers. This family never gave up though. They were dedicated and they did everything they could. Everything they had were very important. I think this a good message because it goes to show how even if you’re not a rich and wealthy family, you may still succeed! Continue reading

New Team, New Blog Post!

Last month, I tried out for the AAA hockey team. 80 different kids were trying out for the team. Some came from St Jean, Candiac, Ste Catherine, St Constant and 3 more cities. I really played the best hockey I could. I knew if I made this team, it would be a big step up in my hockey career. The team I was trying out for was the Riverains Junior AAA, D1.

This past week, the results were in… I took my iPad went on the website and hoped to god. As I scroll down the list, I see my name. I felt so relieved! I ran to my parents to tell them the good news. I then ran to the phone, and call my friend to see if he made it! Of course, he did make it! We were so proud of ourselves and we both couldn’t wait to hop on the ice! Monday, I had my first practice with the new team. I got to know everybody and I even made some new friends! I got to meet my new coach, and I even got to keep my number! #43.

This Saturday, I will be playing my first game! I can’t wait to put on that jersey! The team even bought us new gloves and helmet to match our uniform. This was my post on my new AAA hockey team!

Do you play hockey? If so, for what team and what level?

Different Ways of Cool!

This past week I’ve been reading several different articles in a magazine. Many of these articles share different ideas of cool, and different types of popular.

I think it is very important to be accepted before getting popular. How I got accepted was pretty simple. I tried to make friends by talking about my interests, and tell them about myself. Another cool way, is to have something unique. For example, in the small story “Purple’’ Danitra wears purple everyday of her life! I think she would easily be recognized here at St Lawrence. When you have something unique, people will always remember you. Although, this could be bad as well because people can know her as ‘’the purple girl’’ I’m sure she wouldn’t like that. In another story, ‘’My Sister is Crazy’’ is about two siblings that wear different things on their head. The brother is making fun of the sister by saying she wears a pyramid on her head. The brother wears tinfoil on his head. This is mostly a matter of uniqueness. I think they both have different tastes but I think it’s important to be unique.   Here are some other pros and cons about being popular and unique…

In one of the story’s, ‘’Nice Shoes, Kid!’’ a kid named Stan is very unique! He stencils shoes for fun, and then wears them around the neighborhood.  He gets many compliments and one day he got asked from the most popular kid in school to make him a pair. I think Stan’s idea of cool is really cool. Super unique and special. I think if he was at St Lawrence, he would get a lot of attention, and he would be the coolest kid in school. I think it’s cool when other people look up to you! You would feel special, and feel like a leader. Something I would like, would be that people would always want to do what you do. Follow you, if you’re doing something, they would do the same thing. I have experienced that before, and it really got on my nerves. Being popular, would kind of be annoying sometimes. I just want to be myself, and do what I want to do! For example, in the mini story ‘’Something On My Mind’’ the little boy wants to be popular and cool. He tries really hard, and when popular, he hates it! He wants to cry, he wants to just be himself, but if he does, he knows he will get bullied.

Why Photography?

Photography is a way to capture the coolest moments in your life. I’ve always really been into photos and video. Cameras really fascinate me by how they can be used to just snap pictures when you press that little button on the camera. My birthday is coming up, and this is all I want! I’ve been begging my parents for a while now for a real DSLR camera but I’ve never gotten it. For now I work with what I’ve got (my phone and a tripod_ but DSLR cameras make photos almost come to life.

The main reason I want a camera, is for when I go on vacation or road trips, I could take amazing photos! Another great reason, is for my YouTube videos and I think it will take the quality of my videos to a whole other level. Continue reading

What Comments Can Do

Comments are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face. I love receiving comments, and I like commenting as well! There is only one thing better than receiving a comment… receiving a comment from another person from another country!

I find it so interesting to be commenting on other people’s blogs! Seeing what they do in their everyday life compared to ours is really cool. Here are some examples of comments that I’ve written on others students blogs.

Hi Owen,

I’m a blogger from Canada and I really enjoyed your post! I made practically the exact same post on my blog! I thought I was the number 1 fan, but now I think I have some sort of competition going on :)!

Owen’s blog:

Hey Zeta,

I loved the vocabulary you used and the rhymes were pretty cool. I love taking trips with my friends and family and I got a bit jealous reading your post. That trip sounds amazing!

Zeta’s blog:

Hi Leon,

I love picture books also! I like them a lot better than novels. This book sounds pretty awesome. Henry sounds like a cool guy! I love reading these book blurbs and this is one of my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

Leon’s blog:

Continue reading

My Hero!

I’ve been inspired by very many people in my life. Although, no one has inspired me as much as Stephen Curry. Meeting

Wizards v/s Warriors 03/02/11

him would be, no doubt about it, the coolest thing in the world.

There is so much to say about Stephen, the way he moves, the way he jukes, the way he shoots. It’s just so inspiring! His best quality is by far his 3-point shot. He shoots from the half-court, the 2-point zone, the 3-point zone, and sometimes even in his own half. In the school yard at recess, I try to act like him by shooting from the half-court. Continue reading

Blogs, Blogs and Blogs!

This year, I will be participating in the 2017 Student Blogging Challenge! This challenge sounds amazing! This is where a bunch of grade 5 and 6 bloggers around the world come and comment and read each others blogs! I think it would be so cool to interact with other kids around the world. Learning about their everyday lives compared to mine would be super interseting.

We will be having one challenge every week and I’m very competitive when it comes to challenges!

Are you guys excited? What are you looking most forward to?