Why Photography?

Photography is a way to capture the coolest moments in your life. I’ve always really been into photos and video. Cameras really fascinate me by how they can be used to just snap pictures when you press that little button on the camera. My birthday is coming up, and this is all I want! I’ve been begging my parents for a while now for a real DSLR camera but I’ve never gotten it. For now I work with what I’ve got (my phone and a tripod_ but DSLR cameras make photos almost come to life.

The main reason I want a camera, is for when I go on vacation or road trips, I could take amazing photos! Another great reason, is for my YouTube videos and I think it will take the quality of my videos to a whole other level.

Cameras are something that Ill never figure out… How do they make them? What’s inside them? Who invented them? There are just so many questions that I have. Photography is something that I will never let go of. Besides hockey, Its definitely my favorite thing out there in this world!

What is your favorite invention in the world?

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5 thoughts on “Why Photography?

  1. if you would like to work a camera you should figure out how it works on the inside. that’s how I am, I like to know what I’m working with. I also want to be an engineer and hopefully you become a photographer you seem so passionate about it. I would like you to visit my website at https://sarahm01.edublogs.org/ feel free to comment!

  2. Hi George,

    This is Leon thanks for commenting on my blog so I’m returning the favour. I’m really interested in photos to really good informative post. Is it alright if you send a link with some cool photos you’ve taken.

  3. Hi George,

    It’s Leon thanks for commenting on my blog so I’m returning the favour. I’m really interested in photography to especially rainforests. Really great informative post maybe next time add a link. Is it ok if you can show me some of your amazing pictures.

  4. It’s cool how something could capture a single moment in one snap. Technology has come such a long way. Just think, about 200 years ago, in order to take a picture, somebody had to be very still, or the picture would crack. I am also in the Student Blogging Challenge, so check out my blog: https://haleyl2001.edublogs.org

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