The Fight!

The fight that’s been going on for the last 12 years… ”Who’s the best player soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?” To be perfectly honest, it’s really just a personal opinion but if you want the real answer, you came to the right place. Image result for ronaldo with messiPersonally I think Cristiano Ronaldo is a better soccer player. I think his style of play is really awesome!

Ronaldo started one year earlier than Messi with Manchester United which means he’s played more games. He’s played 804 matches and Lionel only 649 matches! Obviously Messi is the better passer with 217 assists and Cristiano with 183. Although the real question is who has the most goals? That would be Ronaldo sitting on top with 548 balls in the back of the net and Lionel Messi with only 512! Continue reading